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Mc Donald’s “Late but great”

In Austria, McDonald's is the last fast food giant to launch the first burger with a 100% plant-based patty - the "McPlant". Or as we would say: A little late with the trends, but at least pretty up front in taste. #latebutgreat

Client: McDonald's Austria || Agency: VIRTUE Austria GmbH (A VICE Company)

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Volkswagen “Metalheads”

Fainting, strokes or heart attacks are scenarios no one wants to experience while driving. Fortunately there's Volkswagen's Emergency Assist – a live-saving feature that comes into play during worst-case scenarios. Luckily we could advertise it the Volkswagen way.

Client: Volkswagen || Agency: Grabarz & Partner

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Volkswagen “Raccoon”

Better don't forget where your VW parks. Or at least have the new Volkswagen car tracking app on your phone – a service that helps you not only finding your car faster but, who knows, maybe saves you even some more hassles along the way.

English version:

Client: Volkswagen || Agency: Grabarz & Partner

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NIVEA MEN “Blades”

What's more important for a perfect shave, the right shaving gel or the razor blade?
Our TVC for the NIVEA MEN Originals Shaving Gel gives men the answer.

Client: NIVEA MEN || Agency: FCB

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Audi TT RS “Symphony”

The Audi TT RS five-cylinder 2.5-liter TFSI® engine has a very unique sound due to the extraordinary 1-2-4-5-3 ignition sequence. Reason enough to use its sound to create a special symphony for the AUDI TT RS highlight film.

Agency: Philipp und Keuntje || Client: Audi

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NIVEA MEN “World Cup 2014”

Without fans winning the World Cup is impossible.
For the 2014 tournament and together with our national coach Jogi Löw we reminded German football fans once again of their importance for the title race. Fortunately it worked out.

By following the link to the web special you can see the whole campaign including the TVC,
the mobile app, the fan promotion and much more:
Jogis Joker für Rio

Client: NIVEA MEN || Agency: FCB

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NIVEA MEN “Disaster”

Skin irritations can lead to worse than just burning, itching or reddening. In fact, a lot worse. That’s what we showed men in our TVC for the NIVEA MEN Sensitive After Shave Balm.

Client: NIVEA MEN || Agency: FCB

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NIVEA MEN “Cooling”

Cooling irritated skin is always a good idea. Just make sure you do it right. Not necessarily like the men in our TVC for the NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cooling After Shave Balm.

Client: NIVEA MEN || Agency: FCB

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BMW Diverse

I was allowed to write approximately 87,332 BMW headlines over time and for various occasions.
Here are some that I still like.



Client: BMW || Agency: Serviceplan Campaign

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BMW 6 Series “Coffee Table Book”

This work remains one of my favorite unrealized projects.
For a limited edition coffee table book we wanted to the BMW 6 Series Coupé write its own story – literally.

We mounted the car with custom-made tires and printed the pages by driving over them.
Every page featuring a highlight of the car.

Unfortunately by the time we were ready to bring the idea to life our friends from another agency did almost the same idea for Mercedes. That's why our coffee table book never got officially published. Sad stroke of fate, good learning.


Agency: Serviceplan || Client: BMW

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BMW 6 Series Convertible

Unfortunately we never sat behind the wheel of a BMW 6 series, but at least we were allowed to do the launch campaign for it: Designed for driving – the essence of new BMW 6 Series and also our core idea for our campaign.

Client: BMW || Agency: Serviceplan Campaign


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BMW 6 Series Coupé

Client: BMW || Agency: Serviceplan Campaign


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TRILUX “Light Solutions”

As a Copywriter I learnt a lot of new things along the way that I most probably would have never learnt otherwise. For instance, I became a quite nerdy expert for TRILUX light solutions and was allowed to put my new expertise in some catalogues about their different light portfolios for homes, cities and industries. Good fun.


Client: TRILUX || Agency: Serviceplan Campaign




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Super Sour Lollipops


Client: DerSuesseRegenbogen || Agency: Serviceplan Campaign

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Audi “Urban Carver”

This is the Audi Quattro TVC we did back in 2008 – directed by Daniel Kleinman.



Agency: kempertrautmann (now thjnk) || Client: Audi

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Comedy Central

Client: Comedy Central ||Agency: kempertrautmann (now Thjnk)



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SIXT “Playboy”

This is a small Screen Promotion we did for SIXT to promote their newest BMW Coupé deal.
It ran in several airports and train stations across the country.

Therefore without sound unfortunately.

Client: SIXT || Agency: Jung von Matt

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Lichtblick “Blowing”

To generate awareness for Lichtblick, a green energy provider, we came up with an interactive idea about 100 years before interactive ideas were a thing. And yes, it did really work.



Client: Lichtblick || Agency: kempertrautmann (now Thjnk)


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Lego “Illusions”

Inspired by the mind bending graphic artist M.C. Escher we did a series of print ads for Lego.





Client: LEGO || Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster